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Face Recognition & Infrared No-Contact IR Thermometer

COVI-CHECK is a revolutionary device that makes it possible to:

  • Check body temperature (infrared detection)

  • Check mask wearing

  • Check employees (face recognition)

Check body temperature:

The device can in less than one secund check the body temperature by using infrared scanner. This means that no person needs to approach the visitor and expose themselves for potential infection due to face-to-face checks.

Check mask wearing:

The device can also automatically check if people are wearing a face mask. This is especial useful in situations where face masks are mandatory e.g., in office buildings, airports, public transportations – where manual check of people represents unwanted risks for the employees.

Check employees (face recognition):

The device can also be connected to an access control system and serve as a multipurpose device. It can check the employee by using face recognition and/or using an additional RFID device to grant access to e.g., the building or a specific floor. At the same time, it can check if the employee is wearing a face mask and if wanted the device can also log the temperature of the employee for later reference. If an employee is diagnosed with covid-19, the employer can check logs for where and when the employee has been – which makes it easier to track potential spread of the virus.

You can download our COVI-CHECK presentation here for further information.



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