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Ekstra Bladet reveals: “Supermarket Medical Face Masks are filthy”

On 4th of December 2020 Ekstra Bladet, a Danish news magazine, published a chilling article about randomly selected Medical Face Masks from Danish supermarkets that had been tested, and were the results showed that the masks did not pass one or more requirements for Medical Face Masks.

Three randomly selected Medical Face Masks Type IIR was selected from three different supermarkets in Denmark. The samples were sent to Force Technology, which is an independent test laboratory. They tested the masks for these criteria:

  • Bacteria Filtration Efficiency

  • Differential pressure

  • Splash resistance

  • Microbial cleanliness

These are four key categories for Medical Face Masks that absolutely needs to be fulfilled. When medical staff or civilians buy Medical Face Masks to protect themselves or their patients, they have to trust the producer of the product that all requirements are met. Anything else is not acceptable.

These was the results for the tests done by Force Technology:

Clean Room Production

Medical equipment must be produced under strict rules and requirements. One of the basic elements that must be in place, is a clean room. This is referred to as “Clean Room Production.” It is no secret that many new manufactures have surfaced during the covid-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, many of these manufactures have not invested enough in production facilities. The results are contaminated products that are intended for medical use.

Below is a video that we received from a manufacture that tried to sell us FFP2 masks. As you can see from the video, the production is not compliant with regulation for production of PPE equipment. It is in fact shocking to see that clients have bought products from such a production facility.

When buying products from Provida Medical AS, you can rest assure that we have checked all certificates that the manufacture has presented. In addition, we have people on the ground that have physically checked the production facilities.

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