COVID-19 Vaccine Announcement from Provida Medical AS

Presenting the COVAXX UB-612 - Multitope Peptide-Based Vaccine (MPV) against Covid-19.

Provida Medical AS has a particular mandate from COVAXX to present their products and solutions, and facilitate knowledge-based presentations of the technology platform and the ongoing research of COVAXX UB-612 - Multitope Peptide-Based Vaccine (MPV) against Covid-19.

UB-612 MPV against Covid-19 is a vaccine that has several advantages regarding effect, tolerance, production capacity and logistics over the more traditional and newly developed vaccine platforms, based on conventional manufacturing technology, which currently are considered for approval in the EU and the rest of the world. As an example, the COVAXX UB-612 - Multitope Peptide-Based Vaccine (MPV) against Covid-19 can be transported and stored between 2-8 degrees Celsius.

The UB-612 MPV vaccine is currently in phase 2, and has planned phase 3 for implementation in Taiwan, Brazil, the USA and other nations by the first quarter of 2021.

United Biomedical, established in 1985, employs some 950 Scientists globally, and has developed several vaccines and product innovations. Some of them are listed below as references that can be checked further:

  • First approved synthetic peptide-based blood screening diagnostics (HIV, 1989)

  • First synthetic peptide vaccine against infectious diseases (Foot-and-mouth disease, 2007) and (Respiratory and reproductive syndrome from pigs are in field trials).

  • First synthetic vaccine against a self-antigen (Anti LHRH, 2014 for immunocastration in pigs)

  • First vaccine (Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease) to induce antibody levels that have been proven to cross the blood-brain barrier (2020)

  • More than 100 million diagnostic tests and over 5 billion delivered vaccine doses globally

Provida Medical AS is a Norwegian-owned company based on a competence network with actors from areas such as medicine, human biology, health services, infection control, quality management and management consultancy. The company's role is to ensure that relevant authorities, research environments and related professional groups receive relevant, quality-assured and realistic documentation about COVAXX, UBI and their current vaccines, products and scientific basis.

COVAXX Vaccine Technology Fact Sheet v2
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COVID-19 Vaccine Announcement - Press Re
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Questions regarding COVAXX UB-612 vaccine can be directed to:

Jon Simonnæs

Managing Director

+47 909 71 757

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